Cancer immunotherapy: What does it mean for the MDT? (MSD sponsored dinner symposium) — ASN Events
7:00PM - 10:00PM
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Content: The idea of immunotherapy for cancer is not a new one. In the 1890s, a New York surgeon named William Coley noted that a patient's cancer seemed to vanish after he came down with a bacterial infection. But more than 100 years passed with little advancement and much frustration. More recently, the field has taken significant steps forward, as clinical developments have translated into improved patient outcomes. Although there are many unanswered questions, our understanding and application of immunotherapy has transformed the landscape for many cancers.

Specifically designed for medical oncologists, oncology nurses, pharmacists and the entire multidisciplinary team involved in treating cancer patients with immunotherapy, this session will reflect on the shift away from more traditional chemotherapies to immunotherapies for cancers such as melanoma. We will review our understanding of key clinical aspects including the underlying principles of tumour immunology, patient initiation and management on immunotherapy, and practical considerations including reconstitution and managing the infusion.